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I just made an offline iPhone webapp with the application cache. But the AJAX-calls made with the cached JS-file don't work anymore. It are just jQuery GET requests. They fail to work, but why?

I have internet connection, the webapp needs to update when there is internet, and when there is no internet it gets it's data from a cache.


Tried with bare bones ajax too, doesn't work... I get empty response.

Anyone know this problem, and know how to solve it?

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Not sure if you still need this but here a link with some more info about safari cache

It seems that you can specify which elements of the app you want to cache, and also how to update the cache.

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Ran into this too.

Include a NETWORK: section in your manifext file that include your site. Ajax calls should work after that.

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Can you tell me more about this? Be more specific. What to place under the NETWORK: part? What do you mean with "your site" –  Stijn Martens Oct 15 '11 at 21:01

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