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I am developing a Chrome plugin, and want to have user automatically log into the website if the session is not expired. I am using Django on the server. After reading the documentation from: http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions I know I can get the session cookie with Chrome cookie API, which has the sessionID. Is there a way to log in user with this sessionID to Django? Or is there another way?

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UPDATE: I worked out this problem by firstly getting the sessionID, passing it to Django by ajax;
In Chrome extension:
var sessionid = '';
chrome.cookies.get({url:'http://localhost', name:'sessionid'}, function(cookie) { sessionid = cookie.value;});

Get csrf token the same way; POST both to Django; If you use GET, no need for csrf_token. Remember to set permission in manifest.json: "http://localhost"

In Django program,
sessionid = request.POST['sessionid']
s = Session.objects.get(pk=sessionid) #From django_session table
s_data = s.get_decoded() #s_data is a dictionary
user_id = s_data['_auth_user_id']

with this user id, I can get and set the user's data. I am not sure if this is safe.

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This could be a lot simpler just by checking request.user.is_authenticated in your view and returning request.user.id. –  dannyroa Feb 25 '13 at 8:22

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