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I am connecting to remote Unix system using putty and .ppk key file. Now i want to monitor this remote unix system using Jconsole. On remote system jmx port is enabled on 8080. I have its ip address ,jmx port ,username and .ppk file.How could i connect or remotely monitor using Jconsole? through putty i am connected to remote system using tunneling .

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I assume the remote port 8080 cannot directly be connected to or you question would be mood, so:

Having a "regular" terminal connection won't help you connect any networked application -- you want to set up a SSH tunnel to forward the remote host's port 8080 to your local host's port :8080 (or any other available port), see http://oldsite.precedence.co.uk/nc/putty.html (espcially Figure 3)

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i have set up ssh tunnel to forword host's port 8080 to localhost:1108 using putty.i am able to connect to remote system using puttty.But when i say Jconsole localhost:1108 it shwos message "connection to localhost:1108 did not succed" –  samarth Sep 9 '11 at 6:48
Are you able to telnet, nc, or nmap your localhost:1108 and get a connection? Maybe you confused the local/remote tunnel -- make sure you do a local port forward, i.e. the PuTTY equivalent of ssh -L 1080:remotehost:8080 remotehost. –  Philipp Reichart Sep 9 '11 at 9:11

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