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I have joined a Sourceforge mailing list, and the subscription is sending emails to my gmail account.

I would like to reply to one of the threads, but I don't want to start a new thread. Do I send my reply to or do I reply to the most recent author and CC the list?

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Simply doing a reply all will work. The mailing list stacks threads based on the email subject line. So long as the mailing list is somewhere in the send/cc list - and the subject remains the same; the post will be appended to the thread.

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This is not true, they are threaded by Message-ID, not subject. – Chris Down Jan 16 '14 at 6:45
Someone's thought's on the topic: – x-yuri Apr 22 '14 at 16:58

You should always use 'reply to all', unless you know that the person who sent the message (and everyone in Cc) prefers otherwise.

If you reply only to the list, you could be cutting other people out of the conversation entirely — if they're not subscribed, or if they are subscribed to another list which is cross-posted, or if they are subscribed but just not looking into that list folder very often.

If you reply to all, you may occasionally cause a very minor inconvenience to someone who would prefer not to have a direct copy, but it's easy enough for them to fix their filters if they really care, and at least they have it.

It is extremely rude and inconsiderate to drop someone from the recipients when you are replying to a message that they have sent.

For a fuller explanation, with some examples to think about, see

NOTE: You said that the list traffic is delivered to your gmail account. Make sure you actually hit 'reply' to the message you are replying to, not another randomly-chosen message (especially not a message in a different thread). Each message has a unique Message-Id header, and each reply has an In-Reply-To: header which identifies the message you replied to. That's how messages appear in the correct place in a threaded view. It isn't just by subject; that wouldn't be enough.

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