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Where can I find the source code of the definition of the android default styles, such as ?android:attr/progressBarStyle?

I know that the Android repo is replicated in https://github.com/android but... I just can't find the styles.xml, strings.xml, etc there!

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In the value resources directory.

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With the ADT plugin in Eclipse, you can just type android.R.somegroup.someconstant, then mouse-over and hold CTRL (doesn't even have to be syntactically correct/compilable for that) -- this will give you a popup with two (or in case of strings.xml more) options to "Open declaration in [some XML file]".

For reasons that escape me, this doesn't seem to work for any of android.R.style.* -- for everything else it does (color, string, layout, ...).

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That's a very cool trick! –  espinchi Sep 8 '11 at 17:28

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