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I'm using the PHP Solr client and I want to add a fq (Solr filter query) for this color value: 149,163,166

$additionalParameters['facet']          = 'true';
$additionalParameters['facet.mincount'] = 0;
$additionalParameters['facet.limit']    = 25; // default = 100      
$additionalParameters['facet.field']    = array(
$additionalParameters['fq']             = '149,163,166';

$obj_results = $obj_solr->search($search_query, $int_offset, $int_limit, $additionalParameters);

Did I forget something? Because I don't any get results with the PHP client.

By calling this URL


there are results.

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You need to specify the field name in the fq statement.

$additionalParameters['fq'] = 'closest_rgb:149,163,166';

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Thank you and i've i have multiple fq like $additionalParameters['fq'] = 'price:price:[100 TO 200]'; $additionalParameters['fq'] = 'closest_rgb:'.$obj_request->closest_rgb.''; –  A Rozema Sep 8 '11 at 17:34

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