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I'm having a problem with the autocompletebox from the toolkit for windows phone. I bind it to some data, then when i press it and start typing, it discovers some items but they are displayed wrong (the list is shown separated from the box, and also if i click on any item, nothing happens. If i click where the item would be supposed to be (for example, right on the top of the box), then it gets selected. It looks like a rendering problem (bug?)) but perhaps i'm doing something wrong. Here's the code for the box :

<DataTemplate x:Key="DataTemplate1">
            <ContentControl Content="{Binding Name}" Margin="8,7"/>

<toolkit:AutoCompleteBox ItemsSource="{Binding}" x:Name="txtSelectValues" MinWidth="250" Margin="0,0,0,0" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource DataTemplate1}" VerticalAlignment="Top" />  
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Found it. It's a bug with the AutoCompleteBox. When inside a scrollviewer control, the dropdown gets messed up and displayed in an incorrect position

enter image description here

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Its not just that is also to do with being placed inside of a Pivot/Panaroma as well as the scrollviewer, the silverlight gurus have stated they haven't a timeline for the fix for the Pivot control, and there is a nasty hack

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I think the answer might just be that you shouldn't be using a ContentControl directly used like this. Try using something like a TextBlock instead - e.g.:

    <DataTemplate x:Key="DataTemplate1">
        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Name}" Margin="8,7"/>

If that's not the answer, then try pulling back to a simple example - especially removing all the Margin's, Width's, Alignment's, etc - then put them back in one-by-one to work out and understand what is causing the effect you are seeing.

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well, i did as you suggested and removed all the margin, minwidth, etc from both the datatemplate and the autocompletebox, but it still shows in the top. I think that something else is probably interfering, but I guess it must be a bug, because another control shouldn't affect how this one looks right? – Daniel Perez Sep 10 '11 at 16:38
Ok, i think I found the problem. I had a scrollviewer, after removing it, the control started showing correctly. Definitely that's a bug in the control, i'll report it to microsoft – Daniel Perez Sep 10 '11 at 17:02

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