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So I have two arrays, $gDatabaseKeyNames (list of column names) and $gDatabaseKeyValues (a list of variable names containing values from a script). The variable names are generated dynamically so I keep track of them for an insert.

Rather than listing all of the columns and value variables, I tried this

$cols = implode(", ", array_values($gDatabaseKeyNames));
$vals = implode(", ", array_values($gDatabaseKeyValues));

$query = "INSERT INTO pings (survey_id, $cols) VALUES ('$surveyID', $vals)";                              
mysql_query ($query) or die(mysql_error());

But none of my actual values show up in the database (they are inserted as 0s - all my columns are numeric).

If I echo $query, I see this, which is the correct formatting:

INSERT INTO pings (survey_id, latitude, longitude, pingTimestamp) VALUES ('15', '$Dlatitude', '$Dlongitude', FROM_UNIXTIME('$DtimeStamp'))

However, if I change $query to

$query = INSERT INTO pings (survey_id, latitude, longitude, pingTimestamp) VALUES ('$surveyID', '$Dlatitude', '$Dlongitude', FROM_UNIXTIME('$DtimeStamp'));

It works perfectly!

Why isn't PHP interpreting the variables in the implode? How can I fix this?

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I suspect that $cols has the literal value '$Dlatitude', '$Dlongitude', etc.... PHP does not "double-interpolate" strings. It'll replace $cols with its values, but will NOT replace $Dlatitude with that variable's value. In other words, you're literally inserting some strings-that-look-like-PHP-variable-names into your numeric fields.

What is in the $gDatabaseKeyValues/Names arrays?

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$gDatabaseKeyValues = ("latitude", "longitude", ..) $gDatabaseKeyNames = ("'$Dlatitude'", "'$Dlongitude'", ..) – bld Sep 8 '11 at 17:26
Remove the quotes from around the $Dxxx vars, so their VALUES go into the array, not their names. – Marc B Sep 8 '11 at 17:28

It's probably caused because of string/number problems. You should consider changing the database engine (Consider PDO) and use prepared statements to bind the parameters to your query the right way.

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