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I'm looking for a jQuery content slider that will allow me to animate the content on each slide, and do unique animations between slides that I can control (not random).

Basically, each slide will have 3 elements. A picture, a rectangular background color shape, and some text. On each slide, I want each of the elements to move into the screen (bg slides in, then pic on top, then text on top of that. For each slide, I want the animation to come from a different direction (text from top on the first one, from the right on the second) and so on. I would also like the transitions between slide to be controlled (on the first slide transition, use a fade, on the second use a slide in from top, etc)

I thought I had seen a plugin like this awhile ago (maybe on smashing magazine?) but can't seem to find it. Anyone know of anything like this I could use?

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This slider can be used for creating custom animations for each content part using data attributes. Animations are driven by Animate.css and background transitions by JQuery, so you can easily change them.

There are also many cool examples at Codecanyon, I think this one is the best

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