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I'm creating a clothing directory website with CakePHP. I have two models: Store and Brand. Brand is set up as a hasAndBelongsToMany, as a store can have many brands associated with it, but obviously a brand can apply to numerous stores.

I have my StoresController fetching stores as it should, but what I'm having trouble with is fetching a list of brands in my BrandsController. If I set my Brand model to have a hasAndBelongsToMany relationship with my Store model, can I no longer do something like $this->Brand->find('all')? When I do I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Brand::find() in /[path]/app/controllers/brands_controller.php on line 8

Here are my model definitions:

class Brand {    
    var $hasAndBelongsToMany = array(
        'Store' => array(
            'className' => 'Store',
            'joinTable' => 'brands_stores',
            'foreignKey' => 'brand_id',
            'associationForeignKey' => 'store_id',
            'unique' => true

And my Store model:

class Store extends AppModel {
    var $hasMany = array(
        'Reviews' => array(
            'className' => 'StoreReview',
            'foreignKey' => 'store_id',
            'conditions' => array(
                'approved' => 1
            'order' => 'created DESC'
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Class Brand must extend AppModel, which you seem to have forgotten

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D'oh! Thanks! That's what happens when you late night code! –  Martin Bean Sep 9 '11 at 8:39

class Brand extends AppModel {

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