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How do we refer to external libraries in oracle stored procedure?

I did this.

loadjava -jarasresource -user apps/xxx@instance sqljdbc.jar

(I am loading the lib required for jdbc connection to sql server 2000,)

now, in my oracle stored procedure I want to refer to this lib something like this.

create or replace and resolve java source named SQLConnect as 

    import java.sql.*;
    //import com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver;

   public class SQLConnect {

   public static String Test() {

    // Create a variable for the connection string.
    String connectionUrl = "jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=SQLSERVERNAME";

Please tell me how this can be done, as right now I am unable to access the library from my stored procedure.

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The general answer is, first load the java class or jar into the database. You don't need the source if you already have loaded the jar. Then write a Java Stored Procedure to wrap the java method of interest. Find out more.

However, looking at the specific library you want to work with - SQLServerDriver - I think you're still going to be disappointed. That's not the right way to correct to SQL Server from Oracle. You need to check out Heterogeneous Connectivity.

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