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Finding the N th Occurrence of a Match line

I have multi-line text with:

  • ship
  • plane
  • ship
  • car

I want to find the 1st occurrence of "ship" in a line and output:

The ship is a 1'st one.

I want find 2nd occurrence of "ship" in a line and output:

The ship is a 2'nd one.

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use strict;
use warnings;
use Lingua::EN::Inflect 'ORD';

my $text = "ship plane\n ship\n car";
my @ships = $text =~ /(ship)/g;
for ( my $i = 0; $i < @ships; $i++ ) {
    my $ship_num = ORD($i + 1);
    print "The ship is the $ship_num one\n";

&ORD will take care of your ordinal suffixes.

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$n = 1;
while (<>)
    if (m%ship%)
       print "The ship is the $n th one\n"; # You can do the st, nd etc

Should work

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perl -lne'
   if (/^ship$/) {
      print "The is a 1'\''st one" if $seen == 1;
      print "The is a 2'\''nd one" if $seen == 2;
' file

Or if you want more than the first two:

perl -lne'
   print "The is a ", ++$seen, " one" if /^ship$/;
' file

There's probably a module to handle finding the right suffix. I'll let you look into that.

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Is this what you're looking for?

my $th 
    =  (  ( int( $n % 100 / 10 ) != 1 )
       && [ qw<th st nd rd> ]->[ $n % 10 ]
    || 'th'
print "The ship is the $n$th one."
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