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How can i get the value of a Dojo TextBox?

Am doing this;


But firbug tells me getValue() is deprecated! is use attr('value')!

but i have no clue on how to use attr('value') function



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Starting with Dojo 1.5 you should use the get and set methods to fetch and set properties. But the attr method is still working until Dojo 2.0 is out.

var box = dijit.byId('textbox')
box.set('value', 'new value');
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I've done this and its working;

var titleEdit = dijit.byId('title');

var myValue = title.attr('displayedValue');


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In 1.2, Dijit moved to a common attribute accessor scheme. To use the new style and avoid the warning do this instead:


The lead for Dijit wrote up a good blog post on attr that might help.

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Post has moved or is no longer available. –  Danubian Sailor Oct 7 '13 at 12:33

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