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I have a simple function to handle http request and I need to scrap html page from given url. I just copied the example from github. It works, it prints all found attributes but after that it prints "OK: Job complete" and shuts down the server. If I remove the each function, it doesn't stop the server, but I need to use it. Is this some bug in node.io (or in modules it uses) or am I doing something wrong?

function index(response, request){
require('node.io').scrape(function() {
    this.getHtml('http://www.reddit.com/', function(err, $) {
        var stories = [];
        $('a.title').each(function(title) {

Edit: I've managed to do the job with jsdom, but I'm still wondering about this problem...

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Thanks to user "derekdr" on GitHub, the solution for this is described here

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