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In the pre-Facebook & Twitter times, setting up communication tools for (open source) projects, both towards end users and co-developers, was easy: some mailing list and/or forums, well defined in topics; and a RSS feed for posting news.

While I don't like Twitter and Facebook (I don't have personal accounts), I understand that they are important for end users, since their huge popularity. Let's add them to forums and RSS - I wouldn't throw forums away because I don't want to force people to join Facebook.

Now, forums and Facebook, RSS and Twitter are, from a functional point of view, really similar. I like completeness, but I also hate redundancy. What best practice do you advise about? For instance: automatically integrate the RSS feed and Twitter? Keeping them deliberately separate? Integrate Facebook with Twitter? Do you have good examples?


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Survival of the fittest, my buddy Charles and I say. Today's Facebook is tomorrow's MySpace ;) –  paulsm4 Sep 8 '11 at 20:36

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There should be multiple communication channel for greater and focus on multiple types of audience:

  1. Forum (Google mailing list or similar)
  2. Twitter - though you don't like it, it is incredibly effective and can be used for announcing releases or sharing interesting details related to project.
  3. Github (or similar) as collaboration platform. It does a great job and makes the open-source really friendly and easy to follow.
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