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I have several git repo in folder and subfolder and i want to cleanup using git reset --hard, can someone guide me ?

find /home/me/src -type d -name ".git" -print

and execute find ".git" repo

git --git-dir=/home/me/src/find1/.git reset --hard
git --git-dir=/home/me/src/find2/.git reset --hard
git --git-dir=/home/me/src/subfolder/find3/.git reset --hard
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git reset --hard only works with a working directory. I'm afraid your commands won't do what you expect. You'd have to cd into the working directory of the git repository (assuming the .git directory is contained within your working directory)

find /home/me/src -type d -name '.git' -print0 \
| xargs -0 sh -c 'cd "${1%/.git}"; git reset --hard;' -
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Try below script. Hope it helps

find /home/me/src -name ".git" -type d -exec "git reset --hard {}" \;
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