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Is it possible to pull an image from a website (using a loader like in normal as3), insert it into a .fla file and convert it to a movie clip purely through JSFL? Is it also possible to insert sound files in the same way? I want to be able to call a jsfl script from another program and have it do all this for me automatically.

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I don't think you can use an AS3 loader, or download images from the web in another way, from JSFL since it basically is a macro language to automate what can be done manually in the Flash CS IDE. But what you could probably do is use something else, like curl (curl.haxx.se), for the download, and then import it and work with it in Flash using JSFL. –  Lars Blåsjö Sep 8 '11 at 23:21
I guess you could use only AS3 and JSFL, but it would be much better to download the images and import them to the fla using JSFL. For audio I have had a lot of trouble working with that using JSFL, so I would only recommend changing audio settings manually one by one. (I'm using cs4, so no idea about cs5 or 5.5) –  RasmusWL Sep 18 '11 at 13:34
If you use WindowSWF, you can use Actionscript to do anything you want. If you manage the security issues for downloading your content (assuming you'll save them to your computer within your script), then you can import them to the scene and easily convert to movieclips. So, it seems possible mixing AS and JSFL. Is it worth all the trouble? No. I'd rather have the images ready and import them manually like RasmusWriedtLarsen said. –  kubarium Nov 1 '11 at 17:04

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