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I want to sync changes to the server automatically. Currently I'm detecting changes in a scope.$onEval handler by JSON serializing the application state and comparing that to a previously serialized copy, using diff-match-patch. I was wondering if angular has anything built in to make this more efficient.

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You could use multiple $watch'es instead of a single $onEval (note that $watch can take a function as an argument instead of a string/expression, and in version >=0.10.0 the watched values are compared using angular.Object.equals). Other than that, I don't know any AngularJS mechanism that would be useful for this.

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I am working on something similar. Like @psyho suggested I am using $watch to catch the changes.

scope.$watch("dataObject",function (newValue, oldValue) {
    //calculate changes
    //send the changes to the server

I then use the logic from jquery diff to calculate what changes were made.

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