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In C++ one can do this:

namespace qux = std::foo::bar::baz;
qux::CFoo BAR;

Can one do such a thing in PHP?

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You can do this :

namespace foo\bar\baz;
use foo\bar\baz as renamed;

new renamed\cFoo(); // Points to foo\bar\baz\cFoo()

See the documentation for further details.

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Namespaces may be aliased (docs).

The general idea is use … as …; as shown below.

use std\foo\bar\baz as qux;

And here's a try-this-at-home example:

namespace std\foo\bar\baz {
    function CFoo() {
        echo 'hello, world';

namespace {
    use std\foo\bar\baz as qux;
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