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I need to share the URLs and get the share count for each of them. I've been googling a lot and trying this 2 ways:

1.- First I've been using the deprecated "" to share an URL, then I run FQL query like this:" the URL..."

In this case, it never counts the first share. E.g. I share the URL for the first time and FQL query gives me zero. Then I share URL for the second time - then the FQL query gives me 1. etc.

2.- I've found a message here that sharer is deprecated from March 2011, and it's better to use "" for the purposes of URL sharing. But if I share URLs with the feed dialog, FQL query always gives me zero.

The question is: How do I share URLs and get the valid count for them?


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You can use the new Send Button which replaces the old sharer.php that is not going to be supported.

Send Button is easy integrated:

(see the example in right)

To count the shares you can use Insights table

  • domain_widget_send_views
  • domain_widget_send_clicks
  • domain_widget_send_inbox_views
  • domain_widget_send_inbox_clicks

I also belive that this reflect the like count also.

Hope this helps!

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