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I'm having trouble loading a processing js script via a jquery ajax call. The sketch runs fine in its own file but when i load it into a div it doesn't work. Do I need to init the sketch somehow? I've searched the Processing js docs but can't find it. Thanks

The ugly test script

<a href="#" onclick="$.ajax({url: '/test',  context: document.body,  success: function(text){    $('#container').html(text);  }});">Test</a>

Where '/test' would contain

<script type="application/processing" data-processing-target="pjs">
// code here
<canvas width="760" height="500" id="pjs"></canvas>
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If you're fetching the source from a file, create a new Processing instance for the canvas you want it loaded into, instead:

Processing.loadSketchFromSources($('#pjs'), ['mysketch.pde']);

The second argument is an array because a sketch can consist of multiple source files.

If it's dynamic code, simply build a new Processing instance:

new Processing($('#pjs'), "/* full sketch code goes here. */");

Your post seems to suggest some level of control with respect to what the ajax call to "/test" generates, so I would have it simply generate the sketch code only, without the script and canvas tag, and have the ajax callback function generate the canvas element on the page, followed by a new Processing($('#canvasid'), callbackdata) call so that Processing.js loads the sketch code into the canvas you just made.

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If you're doing rails js.erb's here's some sample code: js = '<%= escape_javascript render :partial => "auto", :locals => {:data => @data} %>'; new Processing('processing-canvas2', js); Note - it wouldn't work for me when I passed $('...') - just had to pass the id string of the element - no jquery bits –  Ben Wiseley May 18 '12 at 23:06

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