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When I start an AVD and choose to Wipe user data, all of my previously input data and apps are still on the device when the emulator starts.

In Eclipse...

  1. Window > Android SDK and AVD Manager
  2. Select an AVD
  3. Click Start...
  4. Check Wipe user data
  5. Click Launch

Once the emulator starts, my random contacts I entered are still there, my test development apps I've installed via Eclipse are still there...

If Wipe user data doesn't wipe this type of data, what does it do? And how do I wipe my AVD back to default settings, short of deleting it and making a new one?

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I also have this "problem" and would like to understand what "wipe data" does really do in the emulator if it doesn't remove apps data nor even apps installed (it doesn't with me anyways). Too bad nobody provided an answer for it :/ –  Ricardo Amaral Oct 27 '11 at 14:18
At this point it seems the only way to wipe data is to just delete the AVD and make a new one. –  Jakobud Oct 27 '11 at 14:58

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if you're using R12 of ADT, you may be encountering issue 18444

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