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In order to set the value for a HiddenField in toscawidget, the only parameter I've found useful is 'default' (surprisingly, parameter 'value' in toscawidgets doesn't represent 'value' in html). However, the only way I could get it working is at the time of field creation:

class myForm(TableForm):
    class fields(WidgetsList): 
    myhiddenField = HiddenField(default='old_value')

However, I need to be filled in runtime, or in other words, I want my controller to change the value of the hidden field in runtime. but it seems impossible, and

child_args=dict(myHiddenField = dict(default = 'new_value'))

doesnt seem to be working.

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Normally, it should be sufficient to supply the value in the options dict when you render the form in your template.


No need for child_args here.

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