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I have made a few new provisioning profile, but it keep asking for an old profile, I read some notes that says it should modify under the project.xproj file but the new xcode only has app.xcodeproj which uneditable.

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Your developer certificate must have been made with the private key currently in your keychain. (If you have more than one private key in your keychain delete them all, revoke all your developer certificates, begin again. Rename your new private key (double click on it) and export it to keep it safe somewhere like a USB stick.)

The developer certificate matching your private key as well as the Apple WWDR certificate must be in your keychain. If you've deleted private keys, delete all your old certificates too. Without the matching private key they are worthless.

The app ID in use must match the one in your target's -Info.plist file.

The provisioning profile must have been created with the developer certificate and the App ID and it must be downloaded and dragged into Xcode Organizer's "Provisioning Profile" section.

Don't even bother trying to get code on a device until you see the profile without error in organizer.

If you can't select the right developer certificate for code signing, chances are you have a private key issue. It's very common if you have more than one machine.

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