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I store user.displayName in the session, when users authenticate:

session.put("udn", user.displayName);

and the template renders it using:


but strange things occur:

  1. login as "Sam", display "Sam";
  2. logout;
  3. login as "Jim", display "Sam", too!
  4. restart play;
  5. login as "Jim", display "Jim";
  6. logout;
  7. login as "Sam", display "Jim", too!

That is, it always display the first logged in user's displayName.

debug just after the session.put:

session.put("udn", user.displayName);

Logger.debug("udn:\t" + session.get("udn"));

it prints correctly:

  • login as Sam, prints "udn:Sam";
  • login as Jim, prints "udn:Jim"

also, I checked the cookie: PLAY_SESSION contains %00udn%3A + correct value + %00:

  • login as Sam, PLAY_SESSION contains %00udn%3ASam%00
  • login as Jim, PLAY_SESSION contains %00udn%3AJim%00

How do I display the correct value? (my play app depends on play 1.2.3 & Secure module)

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You should be using ${session.get("udn")} in your template. The implicit session variable is just an instance of play.mvc.Scope.Session; there's no magic in place that would allow syntax like ${session.udn}. I'm not sure why that prints anything at all.

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