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I just upgraded to Vista 64bit. I was running the 32bit version without any issues. For some reason my connection to my SQL server times out. If I go to the server, everything seems to be ok there. I have unlimited conenctions to it and I can connect locally via the Management console. I have a web app running .net 3.5. Is I use the client SQL console it hangs, after a few minutes it is like it gets reset and then I can connect. Any thoughts? Hs anyone else had this issue?


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If you go into the Windows Event Logs for app & system, do you see any errors? Have you uninstalled SQL Server and reinstalled the 64-bit version? – Brent Ozar Apr 14 '09 at 12:56
There are no errors, like I said in my answer, I think it had to do with my VPN. The SQL server is on a win 2003 32bit dev box. Thanks for the post though. – DDiVita Apr 24 '09 at 13:54
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For some reason I didn't have this issue on my 32bit machine, but when I am connected to a VPN I have the issues. Not sure if I have something set differently.

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