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I have tried to see if I could get Brendan Gregg's sshkeysnoop.d to work on Mac OS X, but am having trouble. Is it possible to get this working? If so, how?

The error I am getting is:

dtrace: failed to compile script ./sshkeysnoop.d: line 40: probe description syscall::exec:return does not match any probes

Is it possible to do any other kind of key logging on Mac OS X using DTrace?

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A couple things you can do to adapt scripts like this. First, you can ask dtrace what probe points it has:

$ sudo dtrace -l -f 'syscall::exec*'
   ID   PROVIDER            MODULE                          FUNCTION NAME
18442    syscall                                              execve entry
18443    syscall                                              execve return

Second, you can trace all syscalls on a single process to see what's going on.

$ sudo dtruss ssh somewhere 2>dtrussout
Password: (type something here)

If you look through dtrussout you can see

read_nocancel(0x5, "a\0", 0x1)       = 1 0
read_nocancel(0x5, "s\0", 0x1)       = 1 0
read_nocancel(0x5, "d\0", 0x1)       = 1 0
read_nocancel(0x5, "f\0", 0x1)       = 1 0
read_nocancel(0x5, "\n\0", 0x1)      = 1 0

With that knowledge, it's pretty easy to adapt the script.

$ diff sshkeysnoop.d{.orig,}
< syscall::exec:return, syscall::exece:return
> syscall::execve:return
< syscall::open:entry, syscall::open64:entry
> syscall::open:entry
< syscall::open:return, syscall::open64:return
> syscall::open:return
< syscall::read:entry
> syscall::read_nocancel:entry
< syscall::read:return
> syscall::read_nocancel:return
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OS X does not have a syscall::exec DTrace probe. It does have a syscall::execve though. Similarly it doesn't have syscall::open64, which is also used in this script. However, even with replacing exec with execve and removing open64, the script doesn't function correctly.

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Also make sure you are loading with the all option

kldload dtraceall

and not just

kldload dtrace

Or the syscalls are not going to get loaded.

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