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this is not a dup of JSON.NET: Deserializing part of a JSON object to a dictionary

I have JSON { "Count" : 2, "Head" : { "itemId":..., "quality":... }, "Legs" : { "itemId":..., "quality":... } }

I need to deserialize it into a dictionary: IDictionary<GearSlot, Item> If I try to deserialize whole JSON I get an error because it fails to deserialize "Count:2" into <GearSlot, Item>.

GearSlot is an enum, and has ~17+ values. At this time I have defined class:

public class Items {
    property Item Head { get; set; }
    property Item Legs { get; set; }

it works, but not elegant and clunky.

Any suggestions?

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Per this answer and this answer, you could deserialize a partial JSON fragment and then reintegrate.

var root = JObject.Parse(jsonString);
var serializer = new JsonSerializer();
var expectedResult = serializer.Deserialize<ExpectedType>(root["fragment"].CreateReader());

So for you

var items = new Items {
    Head = serializer.Deserialize<Item>(root["Head"])
    , Legs = serializer.Deserialize<Item>(root["Legs"])
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