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I am displaying lots of UIViews in a root UIView. (I know it's not a good practice). The sub views include UIImageViews, UILabels and custom UIViews using Quartz drawing some lines. After generating all the views, I add the root view to a UISCrollView to display them. The problem is, all the images are displayed instantly, but the text in the labels and the lines I draw in the drawRect method will take a long time to display. If I zoom the scroll view, all of them will display instantly. What's the problem? Thanks.

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Show the code you are using. –  WrightsCS Sep 9 '11 at 2:52

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Hard to say without seeing your code, but sounds like something is up with your app. iOS can handle a large number of subviews without choking or stuttering. And all the UIView stuff is single-threaded -- in fact, to my knowledge, all rendering happens in the same run loop (CATiledLayer-backed views being the only exception I can think of). So even if rendering was getting bogged down, I would expect a long pause and then everything displayed at once. Not the piecemeal result you describe.

Are you adding views programmatically, or from nib? Is everything in the same nib, or are some things in their own, separate nib? What's your UIViewController situation look like?

Try popping some logging in the things that are displaying late. Are their -drawRect:s really getting called late, or are they getting called with everything else and they are obscured by something else? Try starting a new, clean app with nothing in it and drop each of your subviews in there to see how they perform in isolation? Pay particular attention to anyplace you're using GCD, threading, or preform:AfterDelay: type calls.

If all that fails, post as sample project so we can actually debug what you've done.

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+1 for the approach... –  tipycalFlow Sep 9 '11 at 4:53
... and +1 the multiple recommendations. But to Eric Wong: We'd need to see your code to be sure. –  Sum Sep 9 '11 at 5:11

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