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I did a lot of search for my problem but I did not get anything ..

in codeigniter when I use config files I do that :

my_config.php :

$config['my_title'] = ' My Title Here ' ;
$config['color']    = ' red ' ;

I can retrieve it like this :

$this->load->config('my_config', TRUE );
$data['my_title'] = $this->config->item('my_title', 'my_config');

My question is : How can I get the full array to deal with it ?

I want the $config as an array to do something like this :

 foreach($config as $key=>$val){
          $data[$key] = $val ;

so I do not have to write all my variables that in config file like this :

$data['my_title'] = $this->config->item('my_title', 'my_config');
$data['color'] = $this->config->item('color', 'my_config');

and so on ..

sorry for my broken English !

thanks in advance ;)

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While this is undocumented, and might break in future releases, you can access the main config array by:

$config = $this->config->config;
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thank you very much Joseph , but this give me that data in main config.php .. I want to use data that in my custom file (my_config.php) ? thanks again ( I'm trying to get it by myself right now ) – Ahmad Sep 9 '11 at 5:41
aha , sorry joseph I did not notice .. I get all data that in config.php and in my_config.php .. it's very nice now , thanks again :) – Ahmad Sep 9 '11 at 5:49
Something to note, if you want a certain config file you would do: $redis = $this->config->config['redis'] – Aziz Saleh Mar 28 '14 at 17:28
    $config=$this->load->config('my_config', TRUE );
    $config = $this->config;


It may help you..

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If you get multidimentional array from config files in Codeigniter then In application/config/config.php


In Model or Controller file

$variable = $this->config->item('name');


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