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I'm currently using the sunspot_rails gem for a simple 'craigslist' ecommerce app and I want to load search results/sorting via JQuery Ajax (rather than a page request). However, I'm having difficulty getting this to work, any ideas? JQuery is working for other plugins. Thank you very much!

Search Action and sorting functions in Item Controller

  def search
  @search = Item.search do
     fulltext (params[:search])
     order_by sort_column, sort_direction
    @items = @search.results

  def sort_column
  Item.column_names.include?(params[:sort]) ? params[:sort] : "created_at"

  def sort_direction
   %w[asc desc].include?(params[:direction]) ? params[:direction] : "desc"


$("#itemsfeed").html(<%= escape_javascript(render('feed')) %>);

Item Helper

def sortable(column, title = nil)
  title ||= column.titleize
  css_class = column == sort_column ? "current #{sort_direction}" : nil
  direction = column == sort_column && sort_direction == "asc" ? "desc" : "asc"
  link_to title, params.merge(:sort => column, :direction => direction, :page => nil),   {:class => css_class}


 $(document).ready(function() {
 $("#itemsfeed th a").live("click", function() {
return false;

 <% form_tag search_items_path, :method => 'get' do %>
  <div class='searchbox'>
 <%= text_area_tag :search, params[:search], :id => 'tags', :cols => '40', :rows => '1' %>
   <%= submit_tag "Search", :name => nil, :class => 'submitbtn' %>
   <div id='itemsfeed'><%= render 'feed' %></div>
 <% end %>


 <th><%= sortable "price" %></th>
 <th><%= sortable "created_at" %></th>

<%= hidden_field_tag :direction, params[:direction] %>
<%= hidden_field_tag :sort, params[:sort] %>

<ol><%= render :partial => 'shared/item', :collection => @items  %></ol>
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post relevant section of routes.rb. search.html.erb is specifying verb/method "get". perhaps your route only response to "post"? what does your log tell you? is it even receiving the request? –  pduey Sep 9 '11 at 12:45
do i need to do :remote => true? and sorting works it's just not ajaxy, also routes for search: resources :items do collection do get :search end end –  ahuang7 Sep 9 '11 at 17:33

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Yes, you need to have :remote => true in your @form_tag if you want the submit to be done via ajax.

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