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I want to put a var text = "hello"

Into an input value. I am not sure how to do this, and I would like to know to this, as I am not sure.

I thought It would of just been $(input#text).text(text); but that did not work

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Use val() not text():


The val() is used when you want to read from or write to text fields.

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If you look up the documentation of jQuery for text, you'll see that text() manipulates text nodes (or text node content). If you're setting a value on a textbox you should be using the val() function.

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To assign value of a text box whose id is textbox in jQuery ,do the following :-


See val

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you can use

var text = "hello"
  //where id is the id assigned to your text box
<input type='text' id='mytextbox' value=''/>
 //it should be then 
var text = "hello"
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