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This project compiles find when run under Linux, but fails when I try to make a VC solution for Windows. The error is:

e:\src\audio\audio.h(5): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'portaudio.h': No such file or directory

I am including the library that contains portaudio.h as so:

find_package(portaudio REQUIRED)

Which is found using the file Findportaudio.cmake, which looks like it's pointing to the right directory:

find_path(Portaudio_INCLUDE_DIR NAMES portaudio.h PATHS ../src/extern/portaudio/include)
find_library(Portaudio_LIBRARY NAMES portaudio PATHS ../src/extern/portaudio/lib)
set(Portaudio_PROCESS_INCLUDES Pulseaudio_INCLUDE_DIR)
set(Portaudio_PROCESS_LIBS Pulseaudio_LIBRARY)

This all works just fine when I run it under Linux, but when I generate my make files it does not. I get the error mentioned above a bunch of times. The project's properties only lists %(AdditionalIncludeDirectories) for the Additional Include Directories (under C/C++ > General) but I don't know where that gets set or what it's getting set to.

(If I've omitted any relevant information let me know and I'll amend my question).

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Normally I do the following for most packages:


In your case it looks like


will work.

I believe your original command works on linux because it is picking up the standard include and library folders while on windows there is no standard.

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