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I've searched online, but cant find the answer. I'd like to know if I create a Job, JobDetail, and Trigger with a Holiday Calendar (for excluding dates), how can I maintain that calendar? I noticed a calendar table created by Quartz.net, but that merely contains the calendar name.

Essentially I'd be adding a Job with a holiday calendar attached to its trigger, however the calendar may change in future which will affect the next run time. How should I approach this?

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Have you tried using IScheduler.AddCalendar? There are 'replace' and 'updateTrigger' flags on this method. Here's a code sample (untested):

        IScheduler scheduler = new StdSchedulerFactory().GetScheduler();
        var holidayCalendar = new HolidayCalendar();
        holidayCalendar.AddExcludedDate(new DateTime(2013,1,1));
        scheduler.AddCalendar("existingCalendar", holidayCalendar, true, true);
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