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I have an Oracle schema, where I have some functions and some packages that have functions inside.

How can I test if a string value is a function name in my schema, and if it is, return the function result, or if it's not a function to return the string value?

I tried to start from


but this does not return the function names from inside the packages. Thank you!

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How about the arguments to the function? –  NullUserException Sep 9 '11 at 6:28

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Use the view ALL_PROCEDURES.

The column OBJECT_NAME will show you the name of standalone functions and procedures, and packages names. The column PROCEDURE_NAME will show you the names of functions and procedures inside a package.

As you're only interested in functions you might be better off using ALL_ARGUMENTS. This views records the parameters used by a procedure or function. If a given program unit has a POSITION with a value of zero, that indicates the return value for a function.

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