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For my OSGi development i have setup a target definition (.target file) which references two directories. Eclipse picks up all the jar files inside these directories and adds them to the target platform. But one of the bundles i have is a WAR file (.war extension) which is run using pax-web. Eclipse doesn't show this in the list of bundles available. Is there any way to add a particular bundle directly into the target definition? Any way out that i might be missing? One workaround i found was to rename the .war file to .jar. Pax-web doesn't care about the extension, eclipse picks it up and so everything runs fine. But i am not very convinced if this is the right solution.


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Bug 355890 was fixed for 3.8/4.2. You can now include archive files that are not jars (i.e. WAR files).

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There is a known bug filed on eclipse on this very issue. Until it is fixed, the only workaround is to rename the file to have the .jar extension.


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