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I'm using QuickCursor for entering text to forms. My problem with that is I always have MacVim open, and with hidden enabled, so when I :wq from the temp file QuickCursor make, the buffer stays in MacVim, so I have to delete it to get QuickCursor paste back to the window. I wanted to solve this with an autocommand in my vimrc: autocmd BufRead "/private/var/folders/fg/gv_*/T/*" set bufhidden="delete" | startinsert! but this never run. What could be the problem ? What is the right event to use ? I tried BufWinEnter, BufNewFile, neither of them works, or maybe something else is the problem.

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Ok, after several hours of try, I finally found out.

I had added quotes to the bufhidden setting and the filename. It should be:

autocmd BufRead /private/var/folders/fg/gv_*/T/* set bufhidden=delete | startinsert!

With the extra quotes it doesn't work:

  • "delete" is an invalid option value (see :he bufhidden)
  • quotes around a filename prevent the wildcards (glob characters) from matching (see doc)

If anybody else using QuickCursor, you can fine-tune it:

autocmd BufWinEnter /private/var/folders/fg/gv_*/T/* set bufhidden=delete |
    exe "normal G$" | startinsert!

So it changes to insert mode at the end of the text

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