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How would i properly sort output of a MVClister?

class page_index extends Page {
    function init(){



    function defaultTemplate(){
        return array('page/home');  // separate pages from views to avoid mess in templates

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You can order either through model or by using lister's dq property. Model ordering would be a more global decision such as News probably should be ordered within the model:

// class Model_News, inside init() function
$this->setOrder(null, 'id', true);

If it is a user-interface condition, such as a link passed through GET, then you should apply order directly on MVCLister:

$list = $this->add('MVCLister');
$list->dq->order('popularity desc');
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Thank you. this worked exactly right. –  Losey Sep 9 '11 at 14:34

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