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I need to use an input text file as an alternative to touch input for a meego based device , I want to know how I can do this.

What input parameters are actually passed by the touch screen on meego device to invoke the respective touch event?

Whether the input type is coordinates, screen, any id?

I know I can use QTouchEvent class instance and pass it QApplication:: sendEvent(), but how to programatically post the touch event which will be processed just as an actual human touch?

Please suggest alternative solution.


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what's the problem with posting a QTouchEvent to the event queue, as you mention above? Are you trying to achieve any extra behaviour? –  sjwarner Nov 12 '11 at 10:58

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I faced a similar problem on linux touch device. What you are trying to do is probably equivalent to human touch.

You can also try posting QMouseEvent using QCoreApplication::postEvent()

In QMouseEvent, you can pass x and y coordinates of the location you want to click.

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