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How do you use cloud storage such as Dropbox in your C++ Apllication ? I've checked out their API and they only have Java, Python, and Ruby options. If you cant use dropbox with a c++ app, is therte any cloud storage provider that has an API for C++.

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On their site they list also a community version for C#. Is that an option? – RvdK Sep 9 '11 at 7:03
This article, C++ - Bringing RESTful Services to C++ Developers discusses new Microsoft technologies for REST with an example using DropBox. – Richard Chambers Aug 13 '15 at 1:02
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The drop box APIs seem to be wrappers for a http interface. So if you want to hit them up from C++ you can use a http supporting library like libcurl to access stuff using the REST api

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I'm using the python API, (since it's possible to embed python in C/C++ Applications); But There seems to be no documentation on how to negin using the dropbox API – viraj Sep 9 '11 at 8:57
Actually its quite possible to embed into C or C++, a C#, Java, python or objective C interface (and probably the other supported languages too, but I've personally done the 4 I list). However IMO the overhead and plumbing needed to do so are overkill for talking to a REST style interface. – Michael Anderson Sep 9 '11 at 9:37

Droper is an open source C++/Qt Dropbox client that I have recently wrote. It can be compiled for Windows and Linux, but the GUI is optimized for Symbian mobile phones. Check it out.

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I've found several differnet APIs on their website, righ under the place you propably found the ruby / pathon stuff..

http://sharpbox.codeplex.com/ http://github.com/dkarzon/DropNet

Not sure if this is, wha you were looking for..

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I've seen them and none of them are for C++. I specifically mentioned C++ for a reason – viraj Sep 9 '11 at 8:56

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