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I want to get all emails in my ASP.NET application that have a certain CC-recipient. To use this for future emails I didn't want to polling all the time to get them. But I can't find a way, how I can use push to get the emails instantly. Are their any frameworks in C# to help me for this?

I want to connect with my application to a mail server and register a method 'X'. Always when a new message arrived to the mail server, my application have to be notified and my application should execute the method 'X'.

I hope that this is possible with code like this:

void Application_Start() 
void DoSomethink(Mail newMail)
    // Do Somethink with the mail


I did it with the MailSystem.Net. It works very fine and is very easy to implement.

Sample Code:

void Application_Start() 
    var worker = new BackgroundWorker();
    worker.DoWork += new DoWorkEventHandler(StartIdleProcess);

    if (worker.IsBusy)


private void StartIdleProcess(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
    if (_imap != null && _imap.IsConnected)

        _imap = new Imap4Client();
        _imap.ConnectSsl(server-name, 993);
        _imap.Login(username, passwort);

        var inbox = _imap.SelectMailbox("INBOX");

        _imap.NewMessageReceived += new NewMessageReceivedEventHandler(NewMessageReceived);



    public static void NewMessageReceived(object source, NewMessageReceivedEventArgs e)
        // Do something with the source...
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If you want server-push functionality (realtime push, push notifications) and you want to self host then you should take a look at: * WebSync * XSockets * Pokin If you don't want to install and manage your own realtime infrastructure then you could look at Pusher, who I work for. You could use our .NET library and make a simple call to our REST API which would then push the email/notification to any listening clients. It's also worth checking out my [re –  leggetter Sep 9 '11 at 8:24

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You are approaching this from the wrong angle.

SMTP does not support receiving mail (never mind PUSH mail). POP3 is what you can use for retrieving mail, but it does not have support for PUSH either (so you would have to poll for mail).

The IMAP4 IDLE extension is what most refer to as PUSH mail - so you will need to find a library for C# that supports IMAP4 IDLE. I found some information that will get you going in the right direction (no reason to duplicate it here):

Keep in mind when choosing a solution that it needs to support IDLE. I really like the look of MailSystem.Net as it fulfills your requirements.

Remember that your mail server also needs to have IMAP4 and IMAP4 IDLE enabled. Some mail servers don't support it, so you might be clean out of luck (and will have to use POP3 polling).

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You could send a copy of your emails(i.e. using /etc/aliases file in PostFix) to a MAIL SERVER YOU CAN HANDLE. Once there, you can implement a MAIL PROCESSOR that do whatever you want anytime a mail that MEET CERTAIN CONDITIONS arrives.

Hope that helps,

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Can you explain what you mean with Mail processor and how can i implement it? –  Arthur Springer Sep 9 '11 at 7:49
Look at Procmail for example. –  tripleee Sep 9 '11 at 9:11

The answered marked right is flawed in several respects and the answer with no up votes is more correct though not complete.

Factual errors in the message marked correct:

(1) SMTP doesn't support receiving mail??? All email is delivered (both sent and received) using SMTP. Though end user clients require additional protocols to retrieve messages, the server receives it with SMTP and this guy is running his own server so why use IMAP? Capable mail servers can easily trigger a script upon delivery or pipe the message to a running process, and adding IMAP to a server you don't control may be more difficult than running your own SMTP server. Both Postfix, and Sendmail support triggered scripts upon receiving a mail with SMTP. I'd be surprised if Exchange didn't. Postfix and Sendmail can even filter out messages originating from SPAM zombies. Just because MS Exchange server may not have hooks to trigger an event upon receiving a mail doesn't mean "SMTP does not support receiving mail".

(2) IMAP IDLE requires a TCP connection with the client receiving "PUSH" notifications. This may be my opinion, but requiring a TCP connection from the client to the server isn't really push notification. True push should originate at the server with no client resource. Even if the script holding the IMAP IDLE TCP connection is running on the server, it still requires an additional unnecessary server just to trigger a script.

The answer basically says that you need an IMAP server, and a running process to register an event upon email receipt. Both are untrue. A more robust solution is to add an ASP.NET controller to handle HTTP requests (in C#) triggered when an email is received, then script an HTTP connection from the mail server when an SMTP message is received. This solution requires one less server process, and one less running client process. If you're using a mail server without this capability, then a secondary less robust and fragile solution is to run an additional IMAP server and client process to monitor it.

The resultant script above reads like an advertisement for MailSystem.net. Sorry SO, this is a FAIL.

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