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Just a quick question really.

I am re-writing a site and I am converting it all to OOP and putting it all into templates.

I have multiple classes, but I want to extend one of them from a separate file/class.

Do I have to require_once() the parent class to extend it?

I'm guessing you do but I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks in advance!

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Nomally it's neat to define an autoloader when you want to include a bunch of classes from a bunch of different files such as:

function __autoload( $className ) {
    $className = str_replace( "..", "", $className );
    require_once( "classes/$className.php" );
    // echo "Loaded classes/$className.php";

And then load whatever class name you have, i.e.:

$member = new Member();
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That is exactly the info I was looking for, between yourself and Joe that is very useful :) Thanks again guys! – DarkMantis Sep 9 '11 at 8:48

Yes, or you can look at to write a simple autoloader.

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Of course NO.
Don't write code in PHP4-style.
Use autoloading, namespaces and naming standards: PSR-0

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Yes, you have, otherwise the class wouldn't "exist" to PHP. Also, if you have some sensible naming convention, you should have a look into autoloading.

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