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i need to send image to my folder which is in dropbox. i already sent a .txt file with following statement

int putFileResult = api.putFile("dropbox", "/Foldername", file);

Now i have to send image from SD card, how can send image to dropbox, how to do this.

i have found some solution to send thumbnails in this link

but it didnt solved my problem. please tell me the way to send images

thanks in advance

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FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(mFile);
String path = mPath + mFile.getName();
mRequest = mApi.putFileOverwriteRequest(path, fis, mFile.length(), new ProgressListener() {

    public long progressInterval() {
        return 500;

    public void onProgress(long bytes, long total) {

if (mRequest != null) {
    return true;
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