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I am trying to implement JQuery Autocomplete pluggi using Django. I've been able to wire the thing together and I can actually see the result back in the HTML template. My problem is that the JQuery Autocomplete CSS doesn't seem to work. The results I get are not well formatted/styled, and they have no background and you cannot even select them. What is it that am missing?

I have these three files in my media folder same folder:


In my html template I have the following function:

    setAutoComplete("tags", "tagResults", "/taglookup/?query=");

My textfield looks like this;

<input type="text" name="tags" value="">

Where do I put the tagResults in my HTML template document? Every time I try to introduce a DIV with id="tagResults", JQuery throws an error.

Any ideas?

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what are the errors? –  mkoryak Apr 9 '09 at 20:51
can you point us to a sample page? –  RedWolves Apr 9 '09 at 21:17

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I'm not sure this will be of any help to you but here it goes:

I have been learning to use the exelent jQuery pluggin Autocomplete that could be found here the last couple of days. It does not seem to be the same thing as you are using. I could not find any references what so ever to the thing you are using on the jquery homepage. If this motivates a switch from one autocomplete-library to another for you I do not know, but you got tons of examples out there on the thing I'm using so you might be helped by a switch.

Good luck.

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