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I have two different types of sign_up, "normal user" and "set user" both having a different fields and different validation but refers to one table only.

How will I check a validation condition for them, For eg:

  validates_presence_of :first_name,

should check a validation while signup as "normal user" and not for "set user" and "account_type" which differentiate them is in different table, so I am not able to user

 validates_presence_of :first_name,:if=> Proc.new{|user| user.user_info.account_type !='set'}

And it's before saving into database, how will I check a condition?

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Not sure about your answer but may be you could use a callback, before_add or before_create in the user model.

See the api:


Check before_validation function also.

before_validation(:on => :create) do
   # code check here...
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