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What's the most efficient way to rewrite the following:

mv *.jpg ~/Pictures && mv *.gif ~/Pictures && mv *.png ~/Pictures
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You can group into one

mv *.{jpg,gif,png} ~/Pictures

If you are worrying too many files causing argument list too long

find -regex ".*\.\(jpg\|gif\|png\)" -print0 | xargs -r0 mv --target='~/Pictures'
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Or more generally name several sources (which is what the above expands into); mv *.jpg *.gif *.png ~/Pictures -- assuming you are not very specifically using the && combiner to prevent copying of GIF files if moving JPG files failed. –  tripleee Sep 9 '11 at 8:39

Efficient? Any efficiencies in the calculations of the file names is likely to be swamped by the actual copying, but you could try:

mv *.jpg *.gif *.png ~/Pictures

If you're talking a lot of files, you'll have to watch out for blowing the command line size limit, but then you'd probably look into using find and xargs (I won't complicate the solution by describing that fully, especially since there's probably an answer to that expanded question elsewhere on the SO network).

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shopt -s nocaseglob
mv *.{jpg,gif,png} ~/Pictures
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