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UML 2.x has 14 diagram types - grouped into structural and behavioral diagrams. For a system modelled in UML, there is inter-linking between diagrams, for example: A class with a state variable should have a corresponding state-machine diagram which models its behavior. Similarly, the life-line in sequence diagram is an instance of a class: usually shown as :. What are the other links possible between the 14 diagrams?

Is there a tool independent way of specifying these?

Are these linkages exported in a standard way in the XMI output file, if XMI export is supported?

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In UML2 you can now create almost any model element in any diagram. I mean that you can have structural elements inside the same diagram. alt text

Having said that you can also use the EclipseUML2 editor which is open source. You create manually your model and for example create a State then a child Class. Once created you open the model with a compatible UML tool and drag and drop inside an empty diagram what has been manually model. You will get a graphical representation.

I do it every day with Omondo EclipseUML Helios and it works really well. I have previously tried RSA 6.5 and it was also possible. My graphical diagram allows me to create as many as needed views from my model. I can manipulate my model with the editor or with the diagram. Really cool !!

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