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In order to read data from an Excel sheet I'm using a third-party dll that has one method GetCell and its return type is Object. One row in the Excel sheet contains multiple columns so after reading one row I'm stuck with a lot of Objects. These objects should be the properties of a custom entity. For instance, if the Excel sheets has the two columns Name and DateOfBirth, then the values should map to the following Person entity

class Person{
public string Name {get; set;}
public DateTime DateOfBirth {get; set;}

Is there a simple way of doing this conversion? Since I have to read many different Excel sheets, the conversion can not be hard-coded.

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I'm assuming you're using C#. One possibility I could think of was keeping a List<List<string>> setsoflabels in which you would hold the names of the columns associated with a particular entity.

So the first entry in setsoflabels would be a list comprised of "Name" and "DateofBirth".

Then, you could have a List<object> types of which the first entry was Person.

(The second entry in setsoflabels could be a list comprised of "Make" and "Model", and the second entry in types could be Car, assuming you have a class with that name)

If a particular sheet's headings matched up with a particular index of setsoflabels then check that same index in types to get the type.

It's essentially like having a dictionary, but I don't believe you can have a dictionary with a List as a key. You could probably whip up a custom data structure based on what I have outlined above if you are going to need it repeatedly.

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