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I have the following tables:

ResourceSet + Id int [..]

ResourceTagSet + Id int + ResourceId int [FK: ResourceSet(Id)] + Tag

and I would like to use the following definition:

public class Resource { public int Id {get; set; }


public virtual ICollection Tags { get; set; } }

I'd need to map the collection of tags to the ResourceTagSet(Tag) values. I need only to read them (insertion is done using a SP).

Is it possible to do it with EF CodeFirst 4.1?

Thank you

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No. You must map collection of related entity. Like:

public class Resource
  public int Id {get; set; }


  public virtual ICollection<ResourceTag> TagsSet { get; set; }

If you want just collection of strings you can add additional property:

public IEnumerable<string> Tags 
        return TagsSet.Select(t => t.Tag);
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