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I have a string that I would like to replace certain values with empty string. My string is:


I am trying to replace ",,," with ""

I have tried the following and had no joy, does anyone have any ideas what the best way to achieve this is?

var string = "col1=,,,&col2=,&col3=,,&item5,item8,";
var NewCookie = "";

NewCookie = string.replace(",,", ",");
NewCookie = NewCookie.replace(',,,', ',');
NewCookie = NewCookie.replace(',,&', ',');



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&item5,item8 isn't a valid query string. Can you clarify what format you want? –  Gary Hole Sep 9 '11 at 10:08
You can show result what you want? –  Andrew D. Sep 9 '11 at 10:32

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Try this function:

function RemoveConsecutiveCharacter(str, character){
    var newStr = "";

    $.each(str, function(index){
        if(str[index] != character || str[index-1] != character){
            newStr += str[index];

    return newStr;

See an example here:

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Try this:

var result = "col1=,,,&col2=,&col3=,,&item5,item8,".replace(/,+&?/g,',');

Result string is: "col1=,col2=,col3=,item5,item8,"


var result = "col1=,,,&col2=,&col3=,,&item5,item8,".replace(/=?,+&?/g,'=&');

Result string is: "col1=&col2=&col3=&item5=&item8=&"


var result = "col1=,,,&col2=,&col3=,,&item5,item8,".replace(/,+/g,',');

Result string is: "col1=,&col2=,&col3=,&item5,item8,"

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this works for me:

alert( ("col1=,,,&col2=,&col3=,,&item5,item8,").replace(',,,',',') );

edit: ah you set NewCookie to "" then you want to replace something in NewCookie (which is "") in example 2 and 3. you have to set var NewCookie = string; in your example.
or do

var NewCookie = string.replace(',,,',',');
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You are replacing ",," to "," which results in:


Therefore, when you do:

NewCookie = NewCookie.replace(',,,', ',');

there are no longer any ",,,"

Try rearranging your replace functions:

NewCookie = string.replace(',,,', ',');
NewCookie = NewCookie.replace(",,", ",");
NewCookie = NewCookie.replace(',&', ',');
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     str = str.replace(",,",",");
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